BOXAI Ecotechnology Co.,Ltd is committed to becoming the world's leading developer of biodegradable material applications. Our mission is to make biodegradable materials more widely used, so as to reduce the environmental pollution caused by discarded plastic products. Currently Sowing Environmental Protection has three series of products: BOXAI, UNIGREEN and GECOCE. They respectively represent the three major application fields of the sowing series of biodegradable materials. BOXAI® is a brand of 3D printing consumables. This series of products has created an industrial application scenario of 3D printing technology in the advertising luminous character industry. It aims to help the advertising word industry improve the efficiency of word making, reduce the cost of word making, and improve product efficiency in an environmentally friendly way with no paint and zero loss. Let advertisers step into the intelligent era of luminous character production. In March 2020, our new subsidiary Hangzhou Boxia 3D Cloud Printing Co., Ltd. plans to use industrial Internet of Things technology to link its 3D printing luminous characters factories to realize instant delivery and intelligent after-sales in cloud printing mode. UNIGREEN® is a brand of biodegradable materials, which is mainly used in the field of disposable biodegradable products. Various types of biodegradable materials are in line with the technology, and natural fibers are in line with many types of traditional biodegradable materials, so that disposable biodegradable products have excellent performance. , Realize the reconstruction of natural appearance, and can even degrade in natural environment. GECOCE® is a high-performance biodegradable material brand, which is mainly used in the field of kitchen and daily necessities. BOXAI®'s unique high-temperature resistant antibacterial material technology enables high-density outer surfaces and excellent antibacterial properties during injection molding of the kitchen and daily necessities. This helps daily necessities brands stand out from the wide variety of traditional daily necessities. Currently, BOXAI Ecotechnology Co.,Ltd is actively planning to increase the product line of food packaging materials, including CA film and PLA cast film.

Core products
BOXAI series
BOXAI®As a brand of 3D printing consumables, this series of products creates an industrial application scenario of 3D printing technology in the advertising luminous character industry, helping the advertising character industry to improve the efficiency of character writing in an environmentally friendly way with no spray paint and zero loss, reduce the cost of writing, and improve Benefits.

UNIGREEN®It is a brand of bamboo-plastic composite material, applied to disposable biodegradation, so that disposable biodegradable tableware can realize the reconstruction of natural appearance under the premise of excellent performance, and can be degraded in natural environment

GECOCE series
GECOCE®It is a high-performance biodegradable material brand used in the field of food, kitchen and daily necessities, helping daily necessities brands to stand out from the wide variety of traditional daily necessities.


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