Interview and report by CCTV2 Financial Channel.
In January 2021, BOXAI hosted reporters from China's CCTV financial channel. The content was broadcast in an one-month investigation into the implementation of the ban on punctual Finance on the financial channel on January 29.
'China Views' interview report: BOXAI, "New Technology" under plastic restrictions.
First, why choose biodegradable materials to deal with plastic waste pollution?
Second, what is the core R & D direction of BOXAI, and what new solutions can be provided to deal with 'white pollution'?
Third, what are the new opportunities and challenges facing the development of biodegradable plastics? How will enterprises respond?
BOXAI,the Expert in application and development of biodegradable materials.
In October 2021, Plastic Network came to BOXAI Hangzhou headquarters for an interview.
BOXAI is mainly engaged in the application and R&D of biodegradable materials.
What are the core competencies of BOXAI?