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GB∕T 41010-2021 生物降解塑料与制品降解性能及标识要求.pdf
Wayne Wu, CEO of BOXAI
Industry Speeches, Q & A
and Internal Training Video Sharing
Application technology innovation and
commercialization of biodegradable materials
Application of PLA cast Film in Pulp Molding
Live online broadcast of IPFM& packaged tribe

Application of PLA cast Film in Food Packaging and other fields
2022 PACKCON Packaging Market

Heat-resistant Technology Innovation and Commercial Application of PLA
—— Online seminar held by Bio-based Materials on February 16, 2022
First, what is heat-resistant polylactic acid?
Second, the technological innovation means of heat-resistant polylactic acid
Third, what are the commercial and applications of heat-resistant polylactic acid?
Fourth, the market direction and capacity of heat-resistant polylactic acid.
Part 1: Why are biodegradable materials so hot?

Part 2: the market situation of biodegradable materials.

Part 3: Case analysis of the industrialization of biodegradable materials.

Part 4: Biodegradable material certification process and cost.

Part 5: Biodegradable Material Certification and Future Development Trend

The first lesson of the semester will bring you a new understanding of biodegradable materials
01 Biodegradable materials have many disadvantages in terms of performance, how do you use them?

Heat resistance of biodegradable materials
02Is the heat resistance of biodegradable materials really that poor? Listen to the experts!

Flexibility of biodegradable materials
03 The core performance of biodegradable materials

Barrier properties of biodegradable materials
04Barrier properties of biodegradable materials

05 How to develop biodegradable products based on performance

06 Wonderful Q&A