Hangzhou BOXAI 3D Cloud Printing Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Zhejiang BOXAI Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. It is a 3D printing material application developer. In the process of material innovation and application expansion, we found that we combined our material technology with 3D printing technology , which can enable the advertising luminous characters industry to improve the efficiency of writing characters in a more environmentally friendly way, reduce the cost of writing characters, and upgrade product efficiency. And this cross-border application program has overturned the traditional advertising character manufacturing process and realized the upgrading and transformation of the industry.

In order to cooperate with the professional application of materials, BOXAI has developed a smart 3D printer. This model integrates the four functions of font printing, literal filling, gel curing, and bottom plate printing. All functions are completed in one, truly Achieve one-stop intelligent writing. As an important part of the overall solution, our company has used its leading advantage in the field of new materials to develop heat-resistant font shell consumables, literal odorless glue and other special environmentally friendly materials for advertising characters. These materials can also be used in mainstream 3D models in the market.

At present, BOXAI has invested more than 2 million yuan in technology, venues, equipment processing, etc., and various investment results are rapidly transforming into its own advantages to seize the industry market. In the future, it is planned to set up 3D printing factories for advertising characters nationwide with Hangzhou as the center, and use industrial Internet technology to realize advertising word cloud printing.


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