Hangzhou GECOCE Biotechnology Co., Ltd., formerly known as GECOCE (Shanghai) Biotechnology Co., Ltd., moved to Hangzhou in 2020.

GECOCE is committed to the research and development and promotion of PLA daily necessities. Globally, GECOCE uses plant polylactic acid PLA in the household commodity industry, and is one of the leaders in the PLA commodity category.

GECOCE is based on the concept of 'pure planting, wisdom and natural peace of mind'   to provide consumers with safe and environmentally friendly biodegradable daily necessities, with the mission of making PLA more widely used in the field of daily necessities, and making people step into a better life with healthy 'plastic reduction' as the goal.

GECOCE has two series of PLA household products and disposable products.A wide range of products, including tableware, kitchen utensils, water cups, tea bags, fully degradable garbage bags, disposable knives, forks and spoons, cup covers, straws and so on.

Brand concept: pure plant manufacturing, natural peace of mind.

GECOCE provides pure plant utensils for Chinese families and children, allowing Chinese families to enter a healthy "zero plastic" life!

[Three cores].

1. High temperature resistant PLA technology, leader in the industry.

2. Hi-tech manufacturing technology is the quality guarantee.

3. Original fashion design creats outstanding appearance.