Since the PLA casting film production conference was held at PACKPCON2021, Shanghai China Packaging Container Exhibition on July 14, 2021, BOXAI's PLA cast film products have received wide attention from the industry.

At present, the first set of PLA casting film production unit, which has been successfully developed by the BOXAI technical team for 4 years, has been in normal operation for 5 months, successfully enabling many head manufacturers in the pulp molding industry to carry out product innovation and function upgrading.

Pain points solved by the project-1

Polylactic acid (PLA) as the second largest in usage quantity biodegradable polymer material in the world, with a global production capacity of 300000 tons by 2021, in the development of PLA application, BOXAI uses their own   development of PLA applications in the process, the use of their own development of PLA copolymerization technology to solve the PLA toughness, low melt strength and other shortcomings, broaden the PLA film processing methods, thus using efficient and smooth casting method to complete film manufacturing.

Pain points solved by the project-2

The polylactic acid industry chain is not mature, so far, there is no manufacturer specializing in casting film in the application business of polylactic acid resin in the world.

Thanks to technical advantages,BOXAI becomes the first professional supplier of PLA cast film in the industry, reducing the cost of PLA film, improving the supply capacity, and greatly expanding the market capacity.

5 major advantages: BOXAI's PLA casting film

· Patented technology: BOXAI has many independent invention technology patents, such as casting film copolymer, casting film special material, casting film production equipment and so on. · Raw material supply: BOXAI team has 15 years of R & D experience in the industry and is one of the major suppliers of biodegradable materials in China. · Capacity advantages: The annual production capacity of BOXAI's PLA modified materials is 15000 tons, and the production capacity under construction is 30, 000 tons. The production capacity of PLA cast film is 2000 tons / year. · Industrial cooperation: BOXAI has mature and rich experience in processing and production cooperation with upstream and downstream industries. · Superior quality: Based on innovative and advanced technology, BOXAI's PLA casting film has excellent product quality.
Application case

1. Film-coated lunch box
Pulp molded products coated with PLA film can solve the problem of waterproof and oil release, avoid the problem of excessive fluoride content of traditional oil-proof agents, improve the food contact safety of pulp products, and further improve the user experience of pulp molded products.

Compared with the traditional pulp lunch box, PLA film-coated lunch box has significant advantages in terms of product performance experience, product added value and so on. · Waterproof, oil-resistant and fluorine-containing: PLA coated lunch box can achieve waterproof and oil-proof effect without adding waterproof and oil-proof agent, thus solving the pain point of fluoride in traditional pulp molded products. · Food contact safety: the product is safe and non-toxic, in line with food contact safety. · Microwave heating: PLA coated lunch box can be heated in microwave oven to expand the application scene of the product and enhance the use experience of the product. · Customizable printing: PLA casting film has high transparency and supports personalized customization of color and pattern printing, which can help brands enhance product competitiveness and product value. · Excellent barrier: PLA cast film has a good barrier, which can be used in the field of food packaging with a fixed fresh and shelf life. · Biodegradable: PLA film lunch box can achieve complete biodegradation. Both the film and the lunch box come from plant resources and are more natural and environmentally friendly.
2. Milk tea sealing film
In China's hot drink market, paper cups are the main products. under the plastic ban in China, most hot drink brands have replaced straws with biodegradable straws, while some big brands with a strong sense of social responsibility are testing a full set of solutions, namely: degradable straw + PLA coated paper cup + PLA film paper sealing film.