Zhejiang Boxai Ecotechnology Co., Ltd is a production-oriented high-tech enterprise with the application innovation of biodegradable materials as its core business. BOXAI now has a production capacity of 15000 tons / year for PLA modified materials and 30, 000 tons / year under construction. It is one of the main raw material suppliers in the domestic forbidden plastic substitute industry.

At present, BOXAI has three series of biodegradable materials: UNIGREEN, GECOCE and FREGREEN, which represent the successful applications in the fields of disposable non-plastic substitutes, household commodities and PLA films. In addition, BOXAI has created the industry's first dedicated PLA high permeability casting film production line with an annual output of 2000 tons.

BOXAI's PLA daily necessities brand ‘GECOCE’ and PLA tea bag brand ‘Renfu Tea bag’ are successful application cases of PLA modified materials. Their products are sold on major e-commerce platforms around the world and are recognized and loved by end consumers.


UNIGREEN series materials are mainly used in the field of disposable biodegradable products.Through the modification technology of biodegradable materials, BOXAI combines a variety of traditional biodegradable materials, which enables disposable biodegradable products to expand the application scene on the premise of excellent performance, and provides a feasible technical solution for plastic waste reduction.


GECOCE series materials are mainly used in disposable injection molded tableware and kitchen daily necessities. BOXAI's unique high-temperature resistant and antibacterial material technology allows kitchen products to produce a highly dense outer surface and excellent antibacterial properties during injection molding, which helps commodity brands stand out from a wide variety of traditional commodities.


FREGREEN series thin films are a kind of biodegradable films based on PLA, PCL, PGA and so on.Among them, the biodegradable PLA casting film developed by BOXAI has good transparency, high flatness and high food contact safety grade, which is mainly used in pulp lunch boxes.BOXAI has built the industry's first dedicated PLA high permeability casting film production line with an annual output of 2000 tons.


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