Hangzhou Boxai 3d & Dongguan Yimai Intelligent announced the upgrade of the partnership as a global

2020-09-30 10:10

     On September 29, 2020, Hangzhou Sowing 3D Cloud Printing Co., Ltd. announced that it has upgraded its partnership with Dongguan Yimai Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. as a global strategic partner. The two parties decided to fully integrate their respective advantages in materials and equipment to contribute to the digitalization and intelligence of the advertising industry.

This partnership upgrade is due to Hangzhou Broadcasting as the leading brand of advertising word 3Dconsumables,the inventor of advertising word intelligent all-in-one technology, and the inventor of light-curing odorless glue. It plans to use its own three core innovative technologies and combine it with the industrial Internet cloud. The printing mode has built 1,000 3D printing factories worldwide. The consolidation of the cooperative relationship between the two parties is conducive to the realization of the aforementioned strategic goals.


    In the future, through BOXAI material technology and 3D printing process, the advertising luminous characters industry will improve the efficiency of writing characters in a more environmentally friendly way, reduce the cost of writing characters, and upgrade product efficiency. This application scheme of BOXAI has overturned the traditional advertising character manufacturing process and realized the upgrading and transformation of the industry. As an important part of the overall solution, Sowing uses its leading advantage in the field of new materials, and has also developed special environmentally friendly materials for advertising characters such as literal odorless glue. These materials can also be used in the production of metal advertising characters.

Review of the cooperation process:

In early 2019, Zhejiang Broadcasting discovered the commercial value of advertising word applications during the promotion of the PLA series of 3D printing materials. For this reason, Zhejiang Broadcasting designed a complete set of solutions from materials to equipment. And in the research and development process of BOXAI intelligent all-in-one 3D printer, it has received full support from Yimai Intelligence.

In May 2019, Zhejiang Broadcasting decided to test the overall solution for intelligent manufacturing of advertising characters in the Yangtze River Delta. After its success, it signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Yimai in the Yangtze River Delta in the manufacture of 3D printers.

In March 2020, after nearly a year of market exploration and four generations of equipment upgrades, Zhejiang Boxia decided to establish a subsidiary, Hangzhou Boxia 3D Cloud Printing Co., Ltd., to fully promote the 3D printing application mode of BOXAI series materials in advertising characters. .

In April 2020, in order to enhance the application scope of BOXAI series materials in the advertising industry, Zhejiang Sowing and PetroChina Liaoyang Petrochemical successfully developed the domestically produced 3D printing special PETG material BX700.

In August 2020, Hangzhou Boxia 3D Cloud Printing Co., Ltd. settled in Alibaba Cloud Industrial Internet Town; at the same time, with the joint efforts of Yimai Intelligent, a new generation of intelligent integrated 3D printer BOXAI2.1 came out.


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